National E-SMART Day of Action


National E-SMART Day of Action


· Request your Day of Action toolkit from your E-SMART Youth Mekete Team. Review it asap and complete your preparations.

· If you haven’t already started preparations, its not too late. Get the toolkit information to your chapter members, local PFDJ and local mekhete committees and get started.

About E-SMART Day of Action:

The Day of Action will be a national effort where YPFDJ chapters, in
conjunction with their local shimagele mekhetes, will lead Eritreans (and
non-Eritrean supporters) in their cities to take 6 actions in one day that
communicate to US representatives (Obama, Clinton, Rice, and Congress) and others that these sanctions are unjust and must be annulled and repealed today!

It will be a significant day of lobbying for Eritrean-Americans!

How Day of Action works:

Action stations are setup around the room. Each “action station” consists of an activity that participants can engage in that will be used to communicate the message of E-SMART. Participants will travel from station to station completing each action until they have completed all actions. Volunteers will man each station to ensure that the actions are being carried out appropriately.