Eritrean Association of Karlstad, Sweden Condemn UNSC

The Shameful and baseless UNSC Sanctions against Eritrea

Some two thousand years ago, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of silver. The question now two thousand and ten years later is how many pieces the UN got for raping Eritrea through its senseless Resolution 1907 (2009) of December 23rd 2009. Eritrea is a peaceful and law-abiding nation and does not deserve this treatment, In fact, the UN is better advised to gear its ambitions to bringing into justice the atrocities the criminal acts of Ethiopia against Eritrea through the illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories in defiance of the final and legal binding delimitation and demarcation rulings of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission.

Let us call a spade a spade: the US government's so-called interest in bringing peace to the Horn of Africa is so transparent in its dishonesty that even a blind man can see through it. After suffering such shameful humiliation in Somalia in the last decade, the US has now resorted to letting hostile regime neighbours who are not in the least interested in bringing peace and stability to Somalia to do her dirty job for her. Well Eritrea happens to be caught in the cross fire. That's unfair and unjust.

Just think of the enormous price that Eritrea had to pay for her sovereignty and independence through self sacrifice of thousands of her sons and daughters and yet still is not free from re-occupation attempts. The UNSC should have been better advised to immediately repeal and annul it's disgraceful resolution. We the Eritrean Association of Karlstad, Sweden strongly condemn this resolution, as should indeed any other peace and loving people. We do not even mention the African Union who are too busy doing absolutely nothing.

Awet nHafash!