Hizbawi Mekete Chicago and Environs

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On February 6, 2010, Eritreans from Greater Chicago conducted a successful Hzbawi Mekete to register their strong condemnation of the so-called United Nations Security Council Resolution 1907 (2009) as unjust, baseless and counter productive sanction against Eritrea. This meeting was aptly facilitated by
the Hzbawi Mekete committee and its success was ensured by the full participation and support of PFDJ, NUEW, YPFDJ, ENHCC.

The meeting opened its session by a moment of silence in memory of the Eritrean Martyrs. The chair person of Hzbawi Mekete welcomed the audience and made brief, albeit very inspiring, remarks. Immediately thereafter, the secretary of Hzbawi Mekete, gave an account of the committee’s past activities and future objectives.

It was paramount for the people to understand the contents and the potential adverse consequences of UNSC Resolution 1907 (2009). Thus, a thorough Power Point presentation was given by YPFDJ. This instilled confidence that Eritrea’s future is in good hands. Since the presentation was cast in English, a condensed version was offered in Tigrigna. The audience needed to be on the same page.

Lest the unjust sanction embolden the prophets of doom and expose the audience to a new barrage of lies, the nature of psychological warfare and its manifestations were explained. Moreover, the audience’s level of awareness was raised by pointing out that Western policies toward Eritrea are guided not by justice and fairness but by expedience and self-interest.

The meeting discussed two other agendas, namely, the trip to Washington DC and signing a Petition to protest UNSC Resolution 1907 (2009). The attendants expressed their commitment to participate in the mass rally of February 22, 2010. They even raised $4,500 to defray travel costs of the elderly who may be lacking economic wherewithal. A relentless effort was displayed by individuals explaining the purpose of the Petition and gathering signatures.

The Hzbawi Mekete adopted the following resolutions before adjourning the meeting:

1 We strongly condemn the so-called United Nations Security Council Resolution 1907 (2009) as unjust, baseless and counterproductive sanction and call upon the UNSC to immediately repeal and annul it.
2 We commend and support the exemplary and principled role played by Eritrea in an effort to bring about a lasting peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.
3 We commend and support the relentless effort by the GOE geared towards ensuring food security and eradication of disease and ignorance.
4 We commend and support the indefatigable effort and vigilance of the State of Eritrea aimed at ensuring its sovereignty.

Eternal Glory to Eritrean Martyrs!
Awet Nhafash!