Seattle Denounces the Illegal and UNjust Sanction against Eritrea!

The Seattle metro area Eritreans from all walks of life had gathered in Seattle to express their total rejection of the US instigated UN imposed illegal sanction against Eritrea. They also reinstated their unflinching solidarity with the people and Government of Eritrea. The patriotism of the participants, who included Eritreans from western Canada, was apparent by their enthusiastic and active participation in the event, popularly dubbed as "hizbawi meKete".

Reflecting on a truly moving musical rendition ‘Hadnet in Defiance”, our keynote speaker, Dr. Ghidewon Abbay” did not disappoint us! He stated that it was sad that US decided to wield its big stick against innocent Eritrea simply because it could. He spoke about the double standard the US and other big powers routinely employ against Eritrea's interest to suite their selfish agenda. He eloquently elaborated how the US was on record for attempting to frustrate our Eritrean political independence and undermine our national sovereignty. He also reminded his audience, many of whom were standing in the capacity packed auditorium, that the UN betrayed the Eritrean people for the second time in 60 years. He also added that, in spite of what our detractors stated goal may be, the truth remains that the interest of the US is being undermined along with that of Eritrea for the interest of the people of the US could not be any different than the interest of their counterparts in Eritrea.

Finally the participants unanimously agreed to pass the attached resolutions. Please click on the attached pdf files and “meKete” images as well.

Eritrean Sanctions must be Annulled and Repealed Today!

Awet nHafash

Seattle Metro Shmagle MeKete, Today, February 13th, 2010