(EritreaAt24 Series: May 22nd) A Memorable Friday

እታ መሊኣ ንኽትበርቕ፡ 30 መረርቲ ዓመታት ዝወሰደት፡ ጽሓይ ናጽነት ኤርትራ፡ ልክዕ ቅድሚ 24 ዓመታት ኣብ ከም’ዚ ቅንያት’ዚ፡ ከም'ዛ ሎም መዓልቲ : ዓርቢ መዓልቲ’ያ ኣብ ምሉእ ሃገር በጣዕ-ጣዕ ኢላ በሪቓ። ሽዑ ዝነበረ ዉሁድ ናይ ሓጎስን ፍስሃን ስሚዒት፡ ከም ቂሔ-ጽልሚ ተሳንዩ፡ ሓደ ንጹር መልእኽቲ ጥራይ’ዩ ኣሕሊፉ። ናጽነት ንኤርትራውያን መተካእታ ዘይብላ ህያብ ስውኣት ምዃና። ስለዝኾነ ክኣ’ዮም፡ ካብ’ታ ካብ ህይወቶም ንዘልኣለም ዘይትዓርብ ዓርቢ ኣሕሊፎም፡ ንኣዋርሕ ብዘይ ምቁራጽ፡ ኤርትራውያን ኣብ ውሽጥን ወጻእን ብሓጎስ ዝተሰራሰሩ።

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 21st) ERITREA: No Weapon can Defeat a People Decided to be Free

For the last 24 years, there have been several attempts to thwart Eritrea’s independence, violate her sovereignty and disrupt its nation building process. In addition to a sustained and concerted effort to distort the unparalleled heroic history of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF), now bad mouthing the Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) and misrepresenting Eritrea’s national identity -Eritreanism has become the order of the day of the enemies of Eritrea.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 21st) Our Beloved Eritrea

Eritrea is unique because of how she was conceived. As all nations that were under colonial rule were given their independence, Eritrea was not. The Italians were replaced by the British, who then passed it on to the Ethiopians. After all African nations were allowed the freedom to exist as however so they chose, Eritrea was subjected to continued brutal colonial rule. Independence was not one that was given to us, nor was it one that came at a small price. No, Eritrea came about due to the ultimate sacrifice her children paid. Every square inch of Eritrea is covered by the precious blood that was shed to set her free.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 20th) Tried, Tested and Molded by Fire

Since the 19th century Eritrea has endured a fair share of military wars under numerous forces of oppression for many decades. Each one of them has been inhumanly barbaric and heinous. Time has not healed many of the physical or emotional wounds sustained at Massawa after the successful Operation of “fenQl” that liberated it. It is even more painful to think of the abominable criminals who remain at large and are still protected.

(EritreaAt24 Series: May 20th) Did They Remember Not Being Free

I commemorate May 24th… to remember the cruel travesty which freedom conquered so that it is not repeated, to tell of the vicious travesty which freedom conquered so that it belongs to the next generation, and most of all to remember the precious and invaluable sacrifice by which freedom was realized.