(a) "There is no evidence that Eritrea is supporting al-Shabaab in Somalia". With all its shortcomings, the SEMG asserts this cardinal fact without equivocation.
(b) As emphasized above, the Eritrea-Djibouti dispute is under a mediation process and does not, otherwise, constitute a threat to regional and international peace and security.
(c) In the event, the two reasons for imposing unjust sanctions on Eritrea are nonexistent. As such, lifting the sanctions immediately and unconditionally can only be the right course of action by the UNSC. The logical corollary of this action is the termination of the mandate of the SEMG. And in any case, as the SEMG has concluded its work concerning Eritrea, the Eritrean Government strongly feels that the SEMG has outlived its purpose and its mandate should not be renewed.

The Unraveling of yet Another UN Conspiracy Against Eritrea?

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On Tuesday, June 30, 2015, the Office of the President of the UN Human Rights Council had on its website a document forged by its staff or, someone who has access to their computers. The forgery involved a cut-and-paste job of an unrelated North Korea document to one of Eritrea’s replies to the Commission of Inquiry’s politically motivated report. This latest forgery by the Office of the President of the UN Human Rights Council is the latest in a series of anti-Eritrea activities by Council members, and is a small part of a well-designed and complex labyrinth of disinformation campaign against the State of Eritrea, that is fast unraveling.

Eritrea's Reply to COIE Accusations at the 29th Session of UNHRC in Geneva

Allow me, in this context, to convey to Your Excellencies the indignation of the people and Government of Eritrea whose heroic history, civilized traditions and norms, and, purposeful development efforts anchored on social justice, are sullied and denigrated with gratuitous and unprecedented irresponsibility by an entity established by this assembly.