Every day is February 22nd, 2010 for Eritreans

Unity, love for your people, practicing your constitutional rights as citizens of the United States, Australia, & Europe, what a trait! It is truly a blessing to be a role model citizen of the world. You are steadfast, you have a strong connection with your history and most of all you are very disciplined, and you should be proud of yourself for living February 22nd, 2010 everyday of your life. What binds you together? You guessed right if you say that you originate from an ancient land of civilization known as Eritrea.

Eritreans in San Francisco, California - voiced their grievance against the prejudice of the UNSC against the Eritrean Nation

On the beautiful winter morning of Monday February 22nd - Eritreans old and young including disabled ones on a wheel chair, from all over the western United States of America- as far from Colorado in the east Seattle to the North and Arizona to the south, flocked in front of the UN plaza in the beautiful hilly- port city of San Fr