Michael Rubin’s Opinions on Eritrea: Spurious, Deceitful and Malevolent- to What End?

Michael Rubin is currently a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he spends his time churning out misleading information and lies about the Red Sea State of Eritrea and the Horn of Africa. Rubin was a political advisor in 2003 to the Coalition Provisional Authority during America’s disastrous invasion... more →
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Targeting Eritrea and Ethiopia: Michael Rubin and his Warmongering Campaign of Disinformation 

“Rubin wrote a piece so mind-bogglingly stupid that it surpasses even his past efforts at winning a place in the Guinness Moron Book of Records.”—Bob Dreyfuss, The Mind-Boggling Stupidity of Michael Rubin.” The Nation, February 9, 2010.  The same could be said today about each of the “mind-bogglingly stupid”... more →
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Michael Rubin Exposes His Naked Disdain for African Sovereignty

The National Council of Eritrean Americans (NCEA) October 4, 2022 Michael Rubin has NO respect for the sovereignty of African nations. He has shown this trait throughout his career as a well-known warmonger dragging the U.S. into conflicts in the Middle East, his normal political playground. Now he is targeting an African... more →
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Steven Walker: A Failed and Disgruntled Diplomat

Written by: E-SMART TEAM The failed “Diplomat” Steve Walker wrote to the people of Eritrea on his farewell message, July 16, 2022: “I have learned so much from you and have been inspired by how you persevere in the current difficult conditions – which have left many of you feeling you had no other choice but to... more →
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The Horn of Africa Region: the turmoil and its repercussions

Tigrinya Version (PDF): ዞባ ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ፡ ፈጢርዎ ዘሎ ረስኒን ጽልዉኡን The Horn of Africa is becoming an epicenter for the world’s geo-politics. The political, economic and social upheaval caused by the turmoil and the ensuing epicenter is solely attributed to the TPLF (Tigrayan People’s... more →
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Scapegoating Eritrea to Appease a Surrogate Party

The National Council of Eritrean Americans (NCEA) September 13, 2022 Michael Rubin is apparently so blinded by the propaganda, lobbying forces, and other agendas of Special Interest Groups to starkly downplay and overlook the mayhem that the TPLF has and continues to stoke in Ethiopia with its destabilizing ramifications for... more →
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Congressman should stop dragging the US into another intervention in Africa On behalf of a Terrorist Ethiopian group

The National Council of Eritrean Americans (NCEA) May 18, 2022 For Immediate Release  May 18, 2022 The Council of Eritrean Americans (NCEA) strongly condemns California’s 30th congressional district Representative Brad Sherman’s unfounded accusations and smear campaign against Eritrea. His misrepresentation... more →
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NCEA: An ill-advised White House action tries to throw terrorist group a lifeline

We are profoundly dismayed by the Executive Order President Joseph R. Biden Jr. signed today, September 17, 2021. The executive order is based on disinformation orchestrated by the TPLF and their enablers whose reports are based on this group’s fabrications and words of certain NGOs whose reports are based on this terrorist group’s... more →
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Unlawful, Unjust, and Missing the Target: A Brief Note on US Sanctions against Eritrea

Source: https://shabait.com/2021/11/18/unlawful-unjust-and-missing-the-target-a-brief-note-on-us-sanctions-against-eritrea/ Last Friday, the US Department of the Treasury’s Office imposed unilateral sanctions against Eritrean individuals, national institutions, and government entities in connection with the ongoing crisis in... more →
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