Michael Rubin Exposes His Naked Disdain for African Sovereignty

The National Council of Eritrean Americans (NCEA)

October 4, 2022

Michael Rubin has NO respect for the sovereignty of African nations. He has shown this trait throughout his career as a well-known warmonger dragging the U.S. into conflicts in the Middle East, his normal political playground. Now he is targeting an African nation, Eritrea, for one of his interventionist games.

Rubin was one of those who pushed the U.S. into war in Iraq based on the now widely discredited lie that alleged “Iraq possesses Weapons of Mass Destruction.” In violation of U.S. law, he has been advocating in favor of assassinating foreign leaders. It’s also alleged that he is known for misrepresenting statements of world leaders and planting propaganda in the press. He is now advocating for U.S. and European illegal and criminal action against Eritrea, an innocent African nation along the Red Sea — a nation that had to fight for 30-years to restore its right to determine its future.

Now that the TPLF, seeing the handwriting on the wall, is in the process of making peace, this warmonger is losing sleep over the looming peace in the war-ravaged Horn of Africa.  This prospect for peace has disoriented this disinformation entrepreneur, Michael Rubin, who is now frantically looking for a villain to target to continuously destabilize the region — for him, business as usual. 

Mr. Rubin needs to realize, for Eritreans peace is not a zero-sum game, it is a shared-sum experience. Anchored in Eritrean values and history, Eritrea knows it can have no peace if its neighbors are not in peace. The fate of its peace is intertwined with its neighbors, especially Ethiopia. The Eritrean saying “to have a sound sleep, your neighbor should have a sound sleep” says it all.

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